SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio - no sound

Hey out there,

Sorry for posting yet another sound card issue. But I've read on other forums and googled for the last 20h, both in my native language and in English, without finding a solution to my problem or an explanation as to why this problem is occuring. You guys seems to be my last resort.

Well, as mentioned in the title, my soundcard is an SB X-Fi Extreme Audio. It worked like a charm with Win XP, which i switched from just a couple of days ago.

I'm running Win 7 32-bit.
In device manager, my sound card shows up as usual, with no exclamation marks or anything unusual.

Because my on-board soundcard isn't working (hardware issue), this has been deactivated in BIOS, so High Definition Audio isn't to find in device manager.

Now, when I play music and open the system volume control, I can see that the music is beeing sensored, because of the "sliders" moving up and down. But no music is played through my speakers.

I have updated my sound drivers to the newest version from Creatives website, and checked that it is the correct one, according to bit version (32/64).

And I have tried severeal different sound settings, deactivate/remove/reactivate/reinstall SPDIF sound and more with no luck.

Please guys - i really really need your help on this one ...

If you need any other information, screenshots or anything - please tell me and I will provide it for you.


Nevermind. Figured it out my self. Forgot, that you have to right-click and choose "Run as administrator" for some apps. Is working like a charm now.


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Thanks for updating ciffor.. :)

no problem :)


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What do you mean with that solution? You have to run driver installation as administrator?

I have same sound card and same problem as you descibed. But funny thing is that, sound magically starts working, after some time (around one hour after boot up).

I installed practicaly every driver avalible (after wiping old drivers ofc) and tried every solution I could find, but still no luck.

I am starting to think that could be a hardware problem, but there were no problems on windows xp.

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