Does anyone have any drivers that will work for this on Windows 7 64bit?


I've been using this same sound card for years without issue. I had to hold onto the original CD because for whatever reason no SB Live drivers I find online can detect that I have an SB Live..!

I've tried Kx Project which I know works on XP but does not seem to work for me on Windows 7.


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I can't seem to locate the thread, but I read of a person using the X-Fi Extreme drivers and they worked,.

However, I think this was for 32-bit, not 64-bit.

I tried those to no avail.


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Could you go to Start > Run, and type msinfo32.

Expand the Components section, locate the sound card and see if it lists a specific model number.

It only lists the HDMI sound device which is my video card. I have onboard which SHOULD show up but isn't (it's on in bios) and the soundblaster isn't listed either.


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Is your SoundBlaster card a PCI device?

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager and see if any entries are marked with a yellow flag.

It is indeed.


It's also yellow.


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Select it, right-click and choose remove or uninstall.

Windows may pick up a driver after you reboot.

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Those drivers don't work and I'm really not surprised. There is really something odd about my particular Sound Blaster Live! card because the only drivers I've ever found to work were the ones on the CD.

This is through several years of use and reinstalls of XP.

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