SBS Server 2000 Shared Fax can't use on Windows 7 Prof

I have a Small Business Server 2000 using a Shared Fax. All of my Windows 2000 and XP computers can print to the fax like any other printer. When I setup the Shared Fax on a Windows 7 Pro machine, it installs as an additional printer and asks for the print server name. I entered the server name and it installs fine.

When I go to print a fax from the Windows 7 computer, I get a message box with this error:

'To send faxes using the printer that you selected, you must first create a fax account. Windows will send this
fax using your default fax account instead. For more information, search for 'set up your computer to send and
receive faxes' in Help and Support.'

Well I went to Help and Support and it gives the same steps to setup the fax that I had already completed. There
is a Fax Account, but it won't use it.

Also, the fax doesn't get sent even using the 'default fax account' the error claimed would be used.

Windows then displays the fax window for me to enter a fax number and any other subject/text. When I click send, I
immediately get an error:

'The message could not be sent.

An error has occurred.'

Is there a work around for this, or is this Microsoft's way of nicely telling me that I have to give them another $1500 for new server software. (Cause that ain't happenin')

Thanks for your help!

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