scan disk on every boot

Hey everyone. Seem to have a problem. I shut down correctly each night. Every boot up scan disk runs (or tries to ). I am making sure I shut extra programs down such as my messengers and virus protections. What could be causing this? Little nerve racking. I am running W7 build 7100

Have you ever just let it run through i can't find any setting on my system to set it to run everytime i boot but i think if you tell it to scan C: and continually cancel it it will try on every reboot until successful.


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Did you just install Windows 7 or has it been up and running for a while?

I have had this running now for about a month.

I have tried to both let it run through and canceled it. When it does can it never finds anything.


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If this just occurred and you have not installed any new software or made any other major changes to the PC, I would perform a System Restore.

Before doing that, go to Start > Run, and type msconfig. Uncheck all entries except for your anti-virus, spyware detector, and personal fire wall if you have one.

Also go to Start > All Programs, locate the Startup folder and make sure it's empty.

thanks bunches.. working fine now.. wooohoooo


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Glad to hear it:)

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