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Cannot scan multiple photos to separate files in Windows 7 using an HP ScanJet G4050 scanner. That scanner has that capability, and under HP's drivers in XP and Vista will do just that. But the native Windows 7 driver seems not to support that function, and there is no separate HP driver for Win 7. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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If HP has foregone updating your driver, and they seem to do that fairly ofter, it seems you may have other options. Look for another provider that might be able to use the features you like. This would depend if it is the driver software, or the user software. I can't remember the name of the scanning software, but you can probably find it on the net.

Your other option might be to use the Vista software to get what you want. Right now I have an older HP scanner that they abandoned prior to Vista, but I am using it in Win 7 with Win XP compatibility mode and it seems to be working fine.

Thank you for the prompt reply. It does appear to be an HP problem, although Microsoft isn't entirely off the hook since they suggest that if their software doesn't implement the multi-file scan feature, it's missing from the hardware. (And in my case, it plainly is available under HP's Solution Center running in Win XP or Vista.)
I installed XP 64 in a dual boot configuration, and run the scanner under that and the rest of my programs under Win 7. Seems silly to have to do that. I have bee looking for other scanning software on the web, but am not convinced of the stuff I found: Hamrick VueScan, JetSoft Art-Scan or LaserSoft SilverFast. Any better ideas for something that works well with prints as well as negatives and slides, but also has separate multi-file scanning capability? Thanks.


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Do you happen to have a CD that came with the scanner, If there are Vista Drivers on it, that might work.

No luck - the Vista drivers won't install. The HP scanner is going back in favor of a Canon that has full Win 7 support. But thanks much for the suggestion.


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There is a really good chance the Vista drivers will install, you just need to learn how to install them, probably. If I can get the XP drivers for my scanner to work, the Vista ones for you should work also. There is of course, a chance HP set them up so they would not work with Win 7 but there may be a way around that if it is the case. Usually this entails starting the install and copying the files from a temporary extraction location before you hit continue.

You may be able to install the files in Vista compatibility mode.

There may also be an .exe extractor that could get the files for you.

Another option might be running the Virtual XP machine under Windows 7.

But if it is easier getting another scanner, maybe it is better. Please complain to HP for their poor support practices.

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