Scanning downloads.

Would somebody please tell me what in W7 is scanning my downloads for infections?
I do not have any security software installed yet.
This is driving me crazy.
I did a fresh install as part of my XP Pro to W7 Pro upgrade.
I then removed the XP old files.


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I have long since disabled it in favour of alternatives, but I would suggest you examine the options in Windows Defender, which is automatically installed with Windows 7.

Let it scan them.. viruses can be the end of life as you know it ... should you get one like this:

VIRUX Cases Escalate

Only a clean install on a formatted drive will fix it.... and you have to format your usb drives if you have put any in while you had the bug.

Thanks everybody. I completely forgot about Defender.


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Excellent advice from Drew, as the program is very good and unobtrusive. Word of caution though, if you go that route. There is still an option in it to scan incoming files, your present dilemma.

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