Windows 7 Scareface the world is yours

My friend let me play it for a bit on his PC and I liked it alot, so I bought it off of Trymedia (you download a copy of it and then pay to remove the 60 minute trial) The reason Im saying this is I hear most fixes dont work on a downloaded copy of the game. Anywho, when I start it, most of the world is completley gray. During the tutorial, I only see the rug, the door, and a bit of furniture. When I finished that and got to the combat tutorial, the world was covered in grey stuff and looking under it was the only way to see where you were going, Tony was invisible, and when I got a gun, just a little bit of it was showing. I have tried setting compatibility to XP, using dxwind, and even changing my processor to 1 in msconfig, rebooting, and trying, to no avail. I am not going to install XP on my computer just for one game, so I ask, how do I fix this? My hardware specs are as follows
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
ATI Raedon HD 4350 512mb memory
6 GB of RAM
AMD Phenom II X4 820 Processor 2.80 GHz (qaudcore)
Oh yes one more thing I almost forgot to mention, since none of the patches for the game include a fix for windows 7 missing textures, I havnt bothered to patch the game, its still 1.0.


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I bought a copy of this game off Ebay and it installed and ran perfect. Sounds like a problem with your download. You can buy the DVD on Ebay for a couple of bucks. I think the reason this game wasn't to popular was because you can't remap the keys and that's a big problem for us lefty's.

Would you by any chance be running a single core processor? From what I'm reading its a problem with the dual/tri/qaudcores that is causing this, but the current fixes aren't working. I'm also going to upgrade to an HD 6790 sooner or later so that may fix things.


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I have a AMD Phenom II 965x4 quad core. You can click on the computer icon under my username and see what i'm running.

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