Scheduled Tasks not working with run whether user logged in or not option

I tried posting this in another section but got no respnses, so hopefully somewhere here can help with it.

I am accessing a remote computer through regular [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]remote [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]desktop[/FONT][/FONT]. I have admin rights and all that good stuff and can schedule tasks. The problem that I'm having is when I select the option to "Run whether user is logged on or not" it does not work. It shows in the status as "Running". Even if I try to run it manually, it will not work.

If I change the option "Run only when user is logged on" for the same task(s) then it runs fine. Does anyone know how I can correct this or a workaround, so I can get it to run with the option to run whether I'm logged on or not? Any assistance would be appreciated.​

Joe S

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Did you try checking Run With Highest Privileges?

Yes. That does not do anything. I remember hearing something about this being a problem with Windows 7 but not sure how to get it to work or if theres a workaround or what. In XP, this was real simple. I'm thinking since Windows 7 is much more security conscience then previous versions that has something to do with it. Any ideas on how to get it to run? There must be a way, why would they have an option to even do it if there wasn't?


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What exactly are you trying to run? I would try to replicate on my machine.

What exactly are you trying to run? I would try to replicate on my machine.
Anything. It has nothing to do with the batch file. It shows the process as always running. It does not matter what type of batch I try to run, it still will not run with the option to run even when user is not logged on.

When I use WTS, I occasionally get "Running" because I usually am running a .BAT manually at the same time that WTS tries to run it. In my case, I must set it to "End" and then it runs. I use "whether logged on or not" to SILENTLY run my .BAT. I have gotton many
- errors from WTS, such as: "-2147750687; 7FFBECE1h WTS duplicate task?" in the History Tab.

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