Screen brightness not brighting up

I have it set to dim the screen after 3 min and turn off the screen after 5 min. Once the 5 min mark has passed the screen shuts off (properly) but when it turns back on the screen is still dim. THEN when I go to manually turn it up, using the "Adjust screen Brightness" option on the toolbar it brings me to the power options. However my slider bar at the bottom of the window which adjusts screen brightness is not there. It is normally there if the screen does not shut off. Exact process: Turn the comp on - look at power options - I see the slider bar adjuster thingy (adjusts brightness) IT IS THERE AND USUABLE. I let the screen pass the 3 min mark - the screen dims - I let it pass the 5 min mark - it shuts off. THIS IS WHERE THE WHEELS COME OFF - I turn it back on - screen is still dim - look at the same power options/ screen brightness menu and the SLIDER BAR ADJUSTER IS NOT THERE ?????

I'm having this same problem; very annoying. I'm on a Dell Inspiron E1505. The hotkeys to adjust brightness are Fn+(Up/Down arrows), and those do nothing, and the Mobility Center/Control panel says I have my brightness at maximum (which it's obviously not; I can barely see the screen). I saw another post where someone on a Sony Vaio solved the problem by installing a few drivers/programs from Sony that came with their laptop. I have a few disks similar to those from Dell, I'll post again if installing those did anything for me.

Also, I've found that when my laptop is unplugged and asleep, and I plug in the AC adapter when it's sleeping, it happens more often (not always). From a fresh boot, I can adjust my brightness, but at some point in using it I lose that option..... GRRRRR

anyways. wish me luck...

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