Screen brightness

I have a dell lap top that came with vista. If i was running on batteries the screen was dimmer to save power but I could go to control pannel and overide that setting to have a screen as bright as one using AC. I installed W7 last month and now find it impossible to get a "bright" screen with batteries which makes using it outside impossible. On control pannel i can go to the power plan and check "high performance" but that makes no diffence as to screen brighness. Any ideas on who to overide to get a bright screen even if it means burining the battery faster. Or is this something I need to go to dell to solve.


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You should be able to hit the FN key and press UP on the arrow keys. I think thats the way we can adjust them on our dell laptops. Otherwise, look for a picture of a sun with an arrow pointing up.

thanks that does the trick.

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