Screen Capture Video Software?

Cam Studio is not working on win7, I want to record some screen captures, so i can post my video reviews of win 7.

Any other programs that someone know works.


tried fraps? its pretty simple


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Try jing as well while you are at it.

tried fraps? its pretty simple
Fraps can capture my desktop? I always thought it was for games only.... humm let me go try it...

and ive been using fraps for years....

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oh yeh, i dont know if it can capture desktop.. but i think it should... if you hit the right hotkey

no capture on w7

pls have a look at my thread regards no video capture on w7 and 64 bit system.
there may be a problem with ANY video edit software in the w7 64 bit arena.
32 bit w7 worked fine for me with all video software apps.
It is free and simply captures the video to hard drive.
It is a very small file size and can split scenes.
is your system 32 bit?

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