Screen flashes

I've seen a few topics about this, but none of those "solutions" helped me. I'll start with the beginning.

Been using Win7 for a few months now and the first month was great. The somewhere in october I was suddenly getting flashes in the lower part of my screen. Since then I've been sending and resending my laptop back to Acer. They replaced all of the screen hardware yet I still get these flashes.
I've also tried every driver out there. When using Aero I get the flashes a lot but they don't go away if I disable Aero.
I'm getting really desperate as I've been without my laptop for 2 months now.

System specs:
Acer Aspire 5920G
2 Duo Processor T7500
NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS TurboCache

It usually happens when I run a program, it flashes more often when using heavier programs or games.

Kind regards!

Try rolling back your graphics divers and reboot.

or disable them and then referes and let it reinstall them... and reboot

look in your windows UPDADE log and see if the update had added new drivers. My update changed my drivers to newer ones.. but they logged errors in my Administrative log under Event Viewer /custom. I had to roll them back.

Wow, I tried dozens of drivers and none of it worked. But because of your suggestions I used a Vista driver from the acer site (instead of the win7 driver) and now I haven't seen it yet! SO far so good!

Thanks alot!

Great! Thanks for the reps.

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