Screen Flickering and Non-Responsive Windows


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Recently I installed a program called Advanced System Optimizer. Not a spyware issue or anything like that, it is actually a legitimate program. However it decided to optimize -something- in my system which now causes any game window I open to flicker and jump terribly.

If I minimize a window it also take multiple clicks just to try and bring it up, or combinations of clicking the taskbar icon, clicking Aero Peek previews and hitting Enter when it's highlighted. Needless to say, it's getting a bit ridiculous.

I've already disabled Aero Snap and Sidebar just in case there was a conflict, and I had absolutely -no- graphics related issues before this, so I'm doubting it's hardware related.

I sadly don't have a restore point and would like to make repairing my Windows 7 install a last resort.

Any ideas out there?


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I would try reinstalling the video drivers. You may need to roll the current one back first, but maybe not.

Is there any type of log to show what might have been changed or something that can be restored from your special utility?