Screen goes black (PC does NOT hang) after first stage of installation! SOLVED!!!!!


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Ok after four failed installations on four different computers I have finally resolved the problem thanks to a little suggestion that had escape me every single attempt. THANKS AGAIN KEMICAL!

So here are the steps to solve the problem:
(well, is more a walk around than a solution but hey!)

IF, after the first reboot during the installation you see the "Starting Windows" with the flying around thingies and then the screen goes black but the PC does not hang (you’ll notice because the HD keeps going and the signal LED on the monitor stays on), here’s what you do:

1. Reboot and hit F8 as it comes up. Doing so will prompt you with a boot menu.

2. Select "Start Windows in 640x480 resolution”. You will then be able to see what you were not before, and that is the final steps in the setup process; Create a user name and password, name the computer, etc.

3. If this goes exactly like it did for me, you will have a blinking (on and off) screen, but you still are able (with a little patience) to complete the final steps. At that point, windows is using generic drivers for your video card and changing the resolution at that point will NOT help the blinking issue.

4. Make sure you can connect to the internet (setup NIC) and download the latest drivers for your video card and install them. After that your screen should stop blinking (it did for me).

5. Reboot and continue updating drivers and installing your programs!!!

Once again I like to thank Kimical because if he hadn’t mentioned that simple step, I don’t know if I would’ve thought about it myself... at least not for a while!!!

Ok, one last thing, I have not mention at any moment the specs of the hardware involved in this issue, and the reason for that is that, like I said before, it happened with different systems and different setups.
But, if it helps, the system I was able to resolve this issue on has an MSI - K9N Neo V3 mobo, Athlon 64 X2 CPU, 2GB of RAM and an NX7300LE video card.

See you guys!

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