Windows 7 Screen goes black while playing any newer game

Well as the title says my screen goes black while playing new games (NFS Shift, Borderlands, Obvlion, Fallout 3 and so on). I havent experienced it with NFS Most Wanted and Havent played much of NFS Pro street to really test it out. I tried swapping out the DVI cables, went back to VGA, lowered resolution from 1920x1080 to 1680x1050, but nothing seems to work. I thought it might be the 195 driver from NVIDIA so i am using their recently released beta driver now, but still no luck. any suggestions? my card does not overheat, usually runs at about 47 Celsius.

Please let me know.

well just to add, i switched out monitors and DVI cables, and still have the same problem. Also, PNY said they tested my video card to be good and they sent it back to me, so i have no idea, someone please help!


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What about your motherboard bios? Is it the latest version?


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There is not enough information in your question for anyone to really get to grips with the problem.
Please give your computer specificatios.
Also at this stage of Windows 7, did you install the OS Win 7?
Did you do a clean install or an upgrade?
Also Personally I dont know these games so are they compatible with Windows 7?
Were they installed before you upgraded to Windows 7 or have you installed them after Win 7

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