Windows 7 Screen is going crazy


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Jan 25, 2009
I have had this issue with a few versions of Windows 7, but it has never gone away. The current version is 7100.
I have updated my drivers. Graphics card is ATI X1250

Anyways, the issue is every now and then, the screen will just go nuts, and then the computer will shut down.

Before, when I updated, this would stop, then I would be getting Bad Pool Header BSD. Now, it just wont go away. The screen thing is really annoying, if anyone knows what to do, please tell me.

Sounds like you might be overheating.
When was the last time you blew out the dust and checked the fans?

I've seen similiar issues...where the taskbar looks like its having a seizure, but it seemed to have rectified itself. I've only seen this on my laptop which is Mobile Intel 965 Express chip.
Your not using Stardock, are you?