Screen Only Brightens When Charger Is Plugged In

I am using a windows 7 Acer laptop, and the screen only brightens when I plug in the charger. Also, the battery gets used up too quickly, even though I have the computer on 'power saver.' Downloading Bios or a brightness control won't work. The lever goes up and down easily when I bring up the 'adjust screen brightness' screen in the utility folder, but the screen stays dark. On top of that, the lever refuses to budge when I bring it up from the taskbar. Does anyone else have this problem? Please help!

It's normal, Every laptop get brightness once they are charged...Se your Screen brightness..


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And check your battery. They may wear out sooner than expected. Malfunction... whatever.


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Check with Acer on how to fully discharge your battery. This will/should recovery your battery to normal operating range and extend the life of your battery.

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