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This should be simple. I have a samsung syncmaster T260HD monitor that I really love. It was a joy to use on my old 32 bit XP PC with integrated graphics card. Its native resolution is 1920 x 1200 but on old PC was able to EASILY change resolution down a bit to 1200 x 800 or any other resolution i chose so that text was more readable.
Now I have upgraded to 64 bit windows 7 with dedicated GeForceGTS 240 graphics card. Now if I try to change native resolution the entire desktop just gets smaller, with a black border around it. I have tried to chnage the resolution BOTH in windows settings and in the graphic card control panel, same result. I am very frustrated because now I have to constanty use the zoom feature over and over to see websites the way they normally would look on the old PC- What to do???????


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Silly how they changed things isn't it? I have a Syncmaster 2233SW and found I could go to 1600x900 and get a full screen. But, at that resolution things get too big for my liking. Can't get to a middle ground. Just keep lowering resolution one step at a time and you'll find a full screen setting and hopefully it won't be too large for your liking.

NO thats not it, have already tried that, or I wouldnt be on this forum- ANY change of the native resolution makes the desktop resize and gives me black border around it. Before i could chnage resolutions and it would just chnage the resolution, letting me use the monitor at that resolution - NOTE if I unplug my monitor and hook it up to my 32 bit Windows XP PC i can change resolutions and keep full screen no problem, so the problem is either: the 64 bit, OR windows ,7 OR dedicated graphics card


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