Screen wont turn off when I close laptop lid


I have recentley installed Windows 7 RC. Since installing it, I have noticed that when I close my laptop lid, the screen stays on. How do I get the screen to turn off without going into sleep or hibernate mode? I've tried messing around with the power options but nothing seems to work.

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Hello and welcome,

I' haven't had a laptop in years, but isn't it common practice to set Notebook to hibernate.

For more detailed information, go to Start > Help and Support and type in laptop power.

When I am downloading something I usually close the lid and let it get on with it. If I was to put it in hibernation, I wouldnt be able to download anything. When I am at home, I usually just have the laptop connected to mains and have it on all the time but prefer the screen to be off when Im not using it.

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Did this occur immediately after install.

Do you recall making any major changes or install any software that may have caused this?

Are you on a slow dial-up connection where the downloads take a long time?

I was on Windows XP prior to that and the screen turned off when I closed the lid.

I recently installed Windows 7 drivers for my graphics card, im not sure what the situation regarding the screen was before that as I hadnt closed the lid before I installed the new drivers. I've got ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 if that helps.

My download speeds arent slow but like I said, I usually just leave my laptop on when I am at home even if its not downloading or running anything.

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This site has the latest drivers for the Radeon series. Please check you version before attempting the download and be sure to create a restore point.

If you have a AMD 7-Series chipset, you can update that here

Drivers & Tools | GAME.AMD.COM

There is also a tool for modifications here

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Thanks for your help mate. Unfortunatly I already have the latest driver. I guess I'll just have to live with it until Windows 7 is released. Thanks for your time!


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Your most welcome,

I wish I could have provided a better answer.

However, you are right, I'm sure with the final release this problem will be corrected most likely by ATI with re-written drivers.


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Figured it out!

In the power options, go to Change Plan Settings and theres an option to 'Turn off the display' after a certain amount of minutes! Dont know how I missed this the first time! Hope this helps anybody else with the same issue!

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NICE going,

I sometimes miss the easy ones, but can solve the difficult posts.:rolleyes:

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