Windows 7 Screensave Photos with file names

Unlike Windows XP I can't find a way to display the file name of the jpg being displayed when using Photos as my screen saver. Can any one let me know how its done?


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Hello, Welcome to :)
Unfortunately, this settings has been removed from the default photo screensaver.

However, it may be available in Windows Live Photo Gallery.
This program is a great picture manager/editor and has a screensaver similar to the default one in Windows 7.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Mitchell_A but the screen saver options in Live Photo Gallery gives you exactly the same options as the standard screen saver within Control Panel.:(


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We definitely need to find a 3rd party screensaver then..
Actually IF you can get on a Windos XP machine, and find the photo screensaver in your Windows/system32 folder, and copy it over to the Windows 7 machine, it may work.

You might just be able to grab it by searching on Google.

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