Screensaver dropdown is greyed out

Just recently installed Windows 7 and I am unable to set a screensaver. When I go to personalize -> Screensaver the dropdown to select a screensaver is greyed out and I am unable to set one.

I also have Win 7 installed on my laptop and do not have this issue. Has anyone run into any video driver issues that have caused this or similar issues? I have a relatively high end video card from Nvidia and just used the drivers that were put in as part of the OS install.

I've tried adjusting the power setting times based on a "similar" reported issue but didn't get any different behavior. I also tried modifying some of the system policies in gpedit - User config - Admin setting - control panel - personalization and enabling screensaver explicitly but still no screensaver options.

**another note, all Aero effects are working with no issues.

I have downloaded the latest from Nvidia's site and am trying that tomorrow but wanted to see if anyone has had any similar experiences. I'll update with my results, but if anyone has any other ideas before I do this I'm all ears.


sounds like a Group Policy got set.....

Google or Bing for Screen Saver Group Policy

I had reviewed the policy settings previously and found most everything was set to Not Configured. I have local admin rights so I figured enabling some of the user configuration policies would do the trick. It did not. I ran a gpresult to see what GPO's were applied and there is one which sets the timeout to 30 minutes and the screensaver to blank. Talked to our IT department and that is their doing, so case solved.

Thanks for the response - it got me to check the obvious stuff a little more thoroughly.


Yep, most companies set a server side Computer policy to disable the ability to change the screen saver and time out policy for security reasons.

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