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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by jonathon6017, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Normal. Messedup.

    Ok at the top i posted what I am talking about. Anyways my computer is only about 8-9 months old. When I first got my computer I had Win 7 pre-installed and everything was working fine. But after about 4 months I wiped Windows and installed Ubuntu Linux (I'm a big linux fan). Eventually I re-installed windows 7 (due to some hardware frustrations with linux) and performed a Update to be sure I had all the up to date drivers and what not. ( I still reguarly update my system) Now onto the problem... If I step away from my computer for a while it will cause the monitors to show up like the pic to the right. I have dual monitors and it show the similar pattern on both monitors. It's not anything big because if I want to get it back to normal all I have to do is minimize a window and then maximize it again. But of course you can understand how annoying this is, not to mention the last computer error I ignored, I ended up with the BSoD. I just want to go ahead and get this problem wiped out.

    Btw the left pic is what it looks like if I do a screenshot of the monitor.

    My Computer is a Toshiba L645-S4102
    Toshiba Satellite® L645-S4102 14.0" widescreen Laptop (Silver) | Laptops | Computers |

    It has Intel HD Graphics (like most budget computers)
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    You'll need to go to Toshiba's website directly and download the grahics driver there. If it's the same as what you have now then you'll need to go to intels website for the most current GPU driver.

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