Windows 7 script for disabling input controls

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    hello there!

    i am new here so please be kind!

    i have a little problem with my panasonic cf-18 digitizer. i am running on win7 ultimate.
    when i close my lid, it seems like an installed pcmcia card is causing interfernces which win7 interpretes as a digitizer input. the pen cursor is flickering in the top left corner of the screen (the part that is directly over the pcmcia card ( a bluetooth/usb combo by AKE, some cheap stuff but the only one i could find to fit smoothly in the machine to enable me to close the hatch))
    Also this behavior leads to a 'click', which causes multiple executions of whatever is in the way. since there is a sensor for the lid when closed/opened, i was wondering whether it was possible to make a script telling windows to deactivate digitizer when shut/activate when open.

    is something like this generally possible and if, could someone help me out here a little. unfortunately i don't know nothing about coding myself.

    thanks in advance

    edit: one more thing: can such interferences cause any (hardware)damage, apart from software malfunctioning due to uncontrolled programmexecution?
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