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    Greetings :)
    I am new here and new to W7.
    I have recently moved from XP to W7.
    The installing of W7 was impressively slick and self-sufficient.
    I thought it was going to be bliss.

    Then I actually started to use it.
    I was shocked to find that the folders behave completely differently than in XP.

    W7 folders don't have useful memories. They are dead-headed.

    In XP, folders could be relied upon to pop up where you put them with contents formatted as they were when the folder was closed. If I wanted contents of all folders to be presented in list mode, I could have it.
    If I wanted a particular folder to present icons, I could have it so without impacting other folders.
    It was helpful and wonderful.

    I did not appreciate how brilliant it was since it was all I knew.
    And now it's gone :-/

    My productivity requires that I optimise my folders so I am not constantly searching for the folder with the pertinent quotes or images or messages or chapters. This is why I bought a thirty-inch monitor; for the space for open folders!

    What to do?

    The only remedy that I can think of is to make scripts to arrange the layouts that I need. Is such a thing possible?
    I am aware there is such a thing as scripting and batch files, but I have never ventured into that territory and I haven't a clue. Is there a book on scripting I should know about? I don't even know the names of any scripting languages.

    Is this a futile quest? Are there scripting solutions for folder arrangements?

    Thank you for your kind attention :)

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