SD card will not format

Under properties the drive is "FAT32" I wanted to convert it to NTFS, however it will not let me do this. I right click on the drive and select format and immediatly the drive disapears and I get a pop-up stating:

There is no disk in drive E:

Insert a disk, and then try again.

I also tried through the command line. I get the message:

Cannot determine file system of drive E:

The drive seems to be working fine otherwise. I can add files etc.

This is driving me crazy. Anyone have a clue about what the problem may be or how I can fix this?

Connect your USB device (i.e. card reader), open the [FONT=&quot]Device Manager[/FONT],
expand [FONT=&quot]Disk Drives[/FONT].
right click on the USB drive and select [FONT=&quot]Properties[/FONT] and open the [FONT=&quot]Policies[/FONT] tab:
The 'trick' is to change the settings from “Optimize for quick removal” to “Optimize for performance”. now NTFS will be available in the Format dialog.

Thank you!

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