SDHC Windows 7 problems

My pc seemed to work fine with windows7 RC and my SDHC cards. Then when i returned from holiday and tried to upload my nearly full 8 and 16GB cards it wont even recognise the cards in the SD slot. Like i say, when they had a few pics on they worked fine, but not now? Please can anyone suggest a way of fixing this or how to retrieve the pics?

If you could provide a little more info it would make people more able to help.
Is this a built in card reader?
What brand of reader? (also applies to built in but harder to ascertain)
What exactly happens when you insert the cards give as detailed a description as possible of what occurs when the cards are inserted. I.E.. does windows see them and fail to install drivers or fail to recognize the card at all?
Finally check device manager and look for any yellow flags.
If you have tried anything already post that as well so people wont waste your time with the simple things you may have tried already.

SDHC Problems

The card reader is built in, i do not know the make (unsure how to tell?) but it is a medion PC. The card reader just does not see the cards it is as if nothing is plugged in the card slot. I have tried also to update drivers but it says i have the latest driver loaded (like i said before it did work with the same cards before). I have bought a USB stick which has a SDHC port this has exactly the same problem it doesnt see the card or stick when i use the SDHC cards but it works and downloads from a 512MB sd card so it obviously "works" with SD cards. Any offers?

what is the card reader shown as in device manager? We need to determine what driver is installed and the card readers manufacturer to locate the driver.It sounds like your using a basic windows driver that doesn't support the full range of your card readers abilities.
Check out your model number with Medion they may have some info or even the drivers. The hard part here is identifying the card reader in order to locate drivers for it. What type of recovery media did your PC come with do you have seperate CD's for your hardware and OS or is it all bundled on multiple CD's labled recovery or some such.

SDHC problems windows 7

It seems the SD slot is drive G on my PC. under Portable Devices

When i click on properties General it says Generic Flash HS-MS/SD USB device, Device type: disk drives. manufacturer (standard disk drives). Location on USB Mass Storage Device.
Driver Tab: Provider Microsoft. driver date 21/6/06, driver version 6.1.7100.0. digital signer Microsoft windows

I can get no info from the medion website. there is a list of updates but not drivers for the card reader (grafix cards and such- none for windows 7 tho)

This card reader HAS worked though with these SDHC cards, it is ONLY since i put loads of photos and video onto them that they dont appear to work, and are not showing up on my devices. The card reader still works normally for my SD cards.

I have a recovery CD, which i thought of putting vista back on, then updating the bios, then putting RC7 back on?

Hope this is more help?

I have the same medion pc with integrated usb card reader and i'm having the same issue. Drivers in device manager are all working properly but the icon in Computer is missing and nothing happens when i plug the memory stick in the card reader. Does anybody have a solution to the problem, i really need to get this work? Thanks.

Go to the PC manufacturers website and check fora Vista driver for that card reader.
If Xp drivers are all that are available the device will probably not work right but you can try them in compatibility mode.
Vista drivers should work properly when installed in compatibility mode if they don't work outright.
Should all your efforts fail a stand alone USB card reader would not be a big hit if you needed to purchase one and should almost certainly work since built in accessories are rarely cooperative.

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