Seagate External HDD on connecting says 'USB device not recognised'

I just bough a brand new Seagate external HDD 500GB.When i connect it to my USB ports it works fine however the cable that i got is very small so i bough an extended USB cable and now when i connect it through the extended cable it says 'USB device not recognised'.What do i do??

PS:I also tried changing ports but still it doesnt work with the extended cable whereas it works fine if i dont use the entended cable.

Thanks in advance.

I think the difference between the USB cable is the problem, the extended cable you bought might not have the facility to be use as the extended cable for HDD it may just works for smaller storage like flashdisk.

i tried connecting my mobile through that extended cable and it works fine.

Okay, the extended cable works fine in mobile and small storage like flashdisk cos both need less power to make them work, try this to make you sure, use the standard cable while you holding your External HDD, you can feel that the disk inside it spinning, now try to use the extended, is the disk inside it spinning? the external HDD need more power to make it work compared to flashdisk or mobile and i think the standard cable have more 1 cable extra inside it specially designed to give the extra power to use in external HDD and the extended cable you bought doesn't have it.

ty bro....what you are saying is right.I will buy another cable.


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You need to know if there is some special requirement or limitation. Is this a USB 3.0 device? Do you have a model number so we can check?

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External drives especially USB powered ones are extremely sensitive on voltage and a lot of PCs have wimpy power supplies. WD advises people not to use longer cables than supplied. If this is a powered drive try moving the plug to a different receptacle.

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