Seagate to launch 7mm laptop hard disk; ushers in thinner PCs'


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Seagate to launch 7mm laptop hard disk; ushers in thinner PCs | The Toybox |

Seagate said on Tuesday that it will soon launch a new, 7mm-thick laptop hard drive that’s 25 percent thinner than current models.
The launch, which is planned for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in January, will allow computer makers to build even thinner laptop computers.

Disk drives for laptop computers are typically 9.5 mm or 12.5 mm thick. As you might expect, thicker drives offer greater capacity because they can fit an extra storage platter inside.
But recent technological advancements in magnetic data storage allows for more data to fit on a single platter.
Seagate did not disclose the capacity of the drive, which will be part of its Momentus Thin series.
The drive is important because it will drive better technology toward the 90 percent of netbooks that rely on 9.5-mm, 2.5-inch drives.
Seagate said the drive offers lower cost-per-gigabyte storage than solid state and 1.8-inch drives.
The company said the drive is currently undergoing testing.

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