search does not list files or folders

hallo there,
i upgraded to win7 from vista.
one problem i have is that the search box does not list ANY files of folders from my 4 hd's
thus whenever i enter a search word i only get results from PROGRAMS & CONTROL PANEL.
my indexing is OK with 240.000 files indexed, have rebuild the index 3 times, no luck
any ideas?:confused:
thank you in advance for you time.


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Hello and welcome.

IMHO Windows search is a disaster.

I have turned it off as well as indexing in Services.

Try this Everything search engine

It is so fast, it's unbelievable.


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Inn Windows 7 Help and Support, it even advises against indexing the entire computer. It states "If you make the index too large, or if you include system file locations (such s the Program, Files folder), your routine searches will slow down. For best results, we recommend that you only add folders that you search frequently.

In other words, 240,00 is way over the limit of Windows 7.

This is the reason I think Windows Search is flawed.

Everything search the entire computer in a matter of seconds.

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