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    • Fixed cosmetic issue with search results that have a title that contains unicode characters
    • Better handling of non-standard latin characters (makes German, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian work without needing setting)
    • Changed how delta indexes are threaded within distributed indexes
    • Fixed issue where a specific server setup could cause delta indexing of article comments to fail
    • Fixed rare issue where a delta index would be ignored as part of a distributed index
    • Sorting threads or posts by number of views works properly
    • Searching posts for all threads started by a user give correct results
    • Override $search_core class if using vBulletin 4.1.5+ (better way to disable vBulletin's search result cache)
    • Added setting to disable searching of private messages
    • Better handling of distributed indexes for non-suite installations
    • Added word stemming/morphology support (a search for "fly" will return "flies" and "flying" for example)
    • Fixed issue when searching for threads started by a specific user within a specific forum
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