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    I just upgraded from WinXP to Windows 7. I have a folder with a lot of files that have either plus or minus/dashes ("-") in the file name, sometimes more than one. For example, some filenames might be:

    Matterhorn +++.wmv
    Space Mountain ++-.avi
    Star Tours +.mp3
    Star Tours (second day) ++++.mp3

    I used this for my own filing system methods and sorting.

    In WinXP, searching for all files with "+++" with the Search box was no problem, but in Windows 7 the search box returns the plus ("+") sign as a global/metacharacter, such as "*", and expands the character to match a global value. As such, the listing I get for the above search gives me all files with three chars in a row, as substituted by the "+" signs. This is obviously incorrect.

    I tried quoting and backslashing in many different combinations, to no avail:


    Is there any way to escape the metachar value so that I get the literal value in my search? or, is there a "classic XP" search style available?

    Any help appreciated, as always!!!



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