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    Jan 3, 2010
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    Hi guys,

    About 2 weeks ago, I switched from Xp to 7 and I must say that I love it, even if I was a little bit reluctant.
    There is 1 thing that I cannot seem to find a solution for: to search for a certain file type AND a word from the contents.

    Right now, I'm searching for a certain solution in a batch file that I've spend quite some time on but I cannot find that file anymore...:redface:
    In Xp, this was easy with advanced search and I was using this quite often, for office documents and text files as well.
    I have searched the net, this forum and I already had found information about the use of filters and the 'Indexing Options'.

    I know that in some cases - not clear to me when - you get the option to 'Search again in: File Contents'.
    Can someone enlighten me about that and am I overseeing something?
    Oh yeah, does it matter that I'm searching on a network share (samba on linux)?

    Thanks a lot for reading and your answers!

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