[SEARCH] Google snubs city that named itself Google


What more could a city do?

In an effort to woo a Google high-speed internet project, the Kansas capital of Topeka last year changed its name to Google, Kansas, for a month.

Like, actually changed it. By a vote of the City Council.

Apparently that wasn't enough. The search giant on Wednesday announced it had chosen Topeka's blandly named neighbor -- Kansas City, Kansas -- as the winner of its contest. That city, just 60 miles to the east of Topeka, soon will get some of the fastest internet connections in the country.

Topeka's mayor could be mad about all of this.

He could be embarrassed that his city -- home of soybean fields, animal research, and, let's not forget, Kansas' capitol dome -- changed its name to that of a giant corporation to court its favor, only to be rejected.

Maybe he feels like he'll lose business to Kansas City, which, by 2012, is expected to have Google-installed internet connections that are 100 times faster than the national average.

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