Search in explorer not searching libraries?

Hi there!

I noticed my search in right top of the explorer, doesn't start searching the libraries, or the folder in it.
But when selecting the downloads folder from my "favorites", it does search the downloads folder...
Any idea? Thanks!

That was discussed in another message earlier today. From Microsoft Technical Library:

Note: Libraries are like the "all programs" menu in that they are made up not of a single folder but multiple folders.

Why can't I search or arrange files from a folder that I recently included in a library?
If a folder from a non-indexed location (such as an external hard drive or a network) was recently included in a library and it contains a large number of files, it might take some time for the library to add those files to the index. During the indexing process, searches and file arrangements might appear incomplete. For more information about indexing, see Improve Windows searches using the index: frequently asked questions.

Thanks, but I've disabled the search service, so it won't index. This doesn't seem to matter for most folders though.
I don't want Windows constantly indexing things, I rather wait a little longer when searching.
So I noticed, when I go to documents under the C:\Users\Username folder, it works flawlessly, like all other folders.
When I create a shortcut to the favorites from the documents folder there, search also works in the favorites pane.
When I create a shortcut to the favorites from the documents folder from the libraries, searching the documents folder under favorites all of a sudden doesn't work?? That's crap, oh well....guess I have to create the shortcuts from the original folders then :)


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Help and suport can be useful ha:)

No.. just right click on Start and you'll see the documents folder .... you can RIGHT click on Start and under Properties /Start Menu /customize .. you can expand folders, add more folders.... lot of handy options.

You are wise to turn off indexing.. it's one of my top 4 speed tips in the link below.

Thanks! :) I notice the Foxit PDF Ifilter is not working though? It does search the content of doc files..

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