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I am having a problem with Windows 7 search when searching for emails:

1)When searching for an outlook email in the "instant search" bar in Outlook, the results are as expected (many results are displayed for the search term)

2) However, when searching from a search box using the exact same term as in #1 above, (eg/ when using "option F"), no results are displayed.

My understanding is that both of these search methods utilize the same index, application, this is perplexing.

In looking at Inexing Options, it appears to be completely indexed. I have tried to rebuild the index several times with the same results.

Any help would be appreciated.


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It may be starting the search in a place after your folder you want searched. Try clicking the small arrow and select a parent folder of what you want to search. Or just try starting with Computer to make sure you get everything.

Are you searching for a title or a file name or a word in the e-mail?

Thanks for your reply. I've tried searching for various strings (email subjects, text within, email addresses, etc...). The searches return the correct results when searched within Outlook's internal search pane, but do not produce any results when using Windows Key + F (or Explorer pane).

I tried starting the search at Computer, but I get the same results.


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I have Outlook 2007 and have searched for an e-mail address, a From entry, and some words in an e-mail, and they all showed up in Outlook and the Search window.

The attachment shows my search options to compare to yours. You get the dialog box under tools-folder options-search tab. If you do not show the tools menu, use the alt key to show the menu.


Thanks for posting that. My settings were the same except for the last box, which I checked to match yours. I then ran the search again in both the users folder and also in the Outlook folder where the .pst files are located. Neither search found any emails.

While still in the folder where the pst files are located, I then changed the Folder Options/Search setting to "Always search file names and contents" and performed a search again. The results still did not include any emails.


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[HR][/HR]This problem temporarily resolved itself afte rebuilding, but now the problem is back. Any help would be appreciated.

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