Search Operators for Windows 7?

When searching in Windows Explorer I've noticed that it gives you "date modified" and "size" as two search filters that you can click and add to the search box. Besides those two I was able to use a semi-colon to separate the "date modified," for instance, and at in *.extension. I've even added "datecreated:" and got it to show up but I'm wondering if there's a way to exclude a certain filetype?

Furthermore, does anyone just have a list of known search operators that work with this? I find it a bit silly that I have to do an internet search to figure out how to search in Windows 7. Not bashing the OS as I love it far more than XP and especially Vista but I couldn't find any operators anywhere in Windows 7's actual help files and this forum more often than not can help me find the answers I'm looking for much better than any place else.

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