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Dear Forum,

I would welcome some help with the search. I have tried a number of things with this and it doesn't work.

Windows 7 Home Premium Sp1

This is what happens now:-

Control panel indexing options. Indexing in progress. O items indexed.

I now click pause to stop wasting resources.

I have no search facility. I would like help with the search but if there is alternative software?

Hope you are keeping well,

All the Best,

Bill Z



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Welcome to the forums!

I do not understand the problem. When you go to a folder, do you not see a search box? (Click F3)


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If you click on the start button you will see "Search programs and files". If I enter a term for a known file such as "jaypao.txt" I get search results "No items match your search".

Somewhere I read that I might try to improve the search by going to the control panel indexing options, and rebuild the search index. I go to the panel and it shows "0 items indexed Indexing in progress". I click pause as nothing is happening, and close. I have no search facility - very inconvenient.


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