Windows 7 Second taskabr on dual display GONE!


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Ok, So I have installed windows 7 beta on my machine, LOve it.

Works great.

So the problem (probably given away in title)

I have lost my second taskbar!

Really NO BS! I started 7 after install it setup dual display immediatly and I had two taskbars, The second wasnt aero but I didnt mind. It also behaved as expected from a second taskbar, If I was using second monitor with second taskbar if I minimized a window it did animate and dissappear to main display taskbar but it was visible in second taskbar on second display, it was traditional looking in appearence, no animation just text info in the tab.

Then it dissapeared when i restarted machine.

Not immediately I used it for around 2 days before it dissapeared!

I am completely baffled.

I am certain I even saw a function/check box to enable second taskbar! BUT I CAN'T FIND IT!

I am sure I am going to get flamed and called a liar but I am not!

I found myself here looking for an answer. I dont think I will get one. I have also found Ultramon does not work in windows 7 32 bit, I am using however display fusion for my dual display desktop background. it is free to.


Worth trying out.

Oh and hello all this is my first post!

I have cured it!!!

God I am daft! It seems although Ultramon does in fact error and does not "appear" to be running it actually is, but only part working is the taskbar on second display!

OK so you do actually get an error everytime Ultramon starts but, It is providing the only real thing that is necessary.

I say this as I only used it for the window behaviours and also the desktop background management.

Well I have since found a better program for the desktop images (See first post) and Windows 7 has some better dual monitor functionality!


In all I am chuffed and feel like I have progressed forward. I have no issues to mention with windows 7, It has everything I like (Maybe loved a little bit) of vista and more.

The new little "tricks" are great. its easy to navigate, smooth to operate and in all, Less power consuming than vista.

It is stable even for a beta, But one thing I am slightly dissapointed with (Not complaining) is IE8. I have to use compatability mode for every page virtualy.