Windows 10 Secure Boot.


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Hello. I do a lot of cloning on all my machines, so far so good. I recently planned ahead and got a new laptop, to be able to go to W-11. Of course, I got one with Secure Boot. I am unable to do a clone any more as Acronis tries to boot from its USB media disk. I succeeded in getting rid of Secure Boot to enable this.
Now is the bind. As I turn the machine on after having set the boot priority to USB, it goes and recognizes Acronis and part of Acronis gets on my screen but with a note saying : no HD found. I get out of all this process and the machine boots properly so it does recognize the SSD, why will not Acronis ? I changed HD1 to HD0 but then the machine was dead, zap, nada, not even a blue screen.
Is there anybody here who could tell me what next hoop I need to jump now to get my clone done ?
I tried the Acer site but the "helper" was not aware of Secure Boot. Oh ! Any help appreciated. daopa.