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hi all
so i have a problem hope some one can help
i recentley got the fbi money pack rasomware i got it off my pc but now im getting a red flag by notifcation window statinh to start security center when i click to start i get a message stating that security center cant be started

when i type servicrs in search bar security center is not in that list onlysecurity accounts


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The malware may have been removed but some of the changes it made may remain. Easiest way is to run a system restore to a date which predates the malware problem.

hi and thanks thats how i belive i got rid of malware when i had ransomeware activated it lock my pc up so i had to reboot hit f8 and did a system restore to earlyer time then my avg kept reporting threats so then i ran malewarebytes"free" and i removed 18 pc been fine since except this issue
should i restore to earlier time?


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If your restore was already to some point before the malware infection it may not achieve anything but you may already had problems of which you were not aware so it won't do any harm to try restore to an earlier point.

so i just ran malewarebytes anti root kit and it foind 8 more threats deleted them now i have sercurity center,firewall and windows defender up in running :)
is their any othet programs i should be running other than
avg free
malwarebytes free
malwarebytes anti rootkit beta

the system restore is an optimum choice to go with once you stuck into the similar trouble .. but yes you have to see which of the date you want your system get back in time


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A system restore can help but some malware registry files will still reside on your system files which may activate the persistent malware again at a later time.
If you have a clean image back up of your PC, that is the better solution. Restoration by image. I would like also to suggest using Super Anti-Spyware to scan your PC.

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I found a new software, AdwCleaner,, seems to be highly efficient. It mentions that it uses Ask Toolbar in order to work. However, I don't have Ask, I don't want anything I don't want, but the program seems to work. It doesn't install, it works as an independent .exe.

Perhaps worth a try, eh?

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