Windows 7 Security from over seas companies?

What do you think will happen to software companies that are based over seas, if and when the stuff hits the fan? Who will be running them? Can we trust them after the musical chairs stop? Should we be thinking about switching to all american software soon?
Im starting to think about it more, and more.


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You obviously being an American, me being a Finn, both being some sort of patriots... why should I trust Americans? General Patton's the cause? Let's take it softly, and admit we're here together. Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ) - YouTube

Its not that i dont trust you or other Europeans so to speak. Im not as much a patriot as my post may lead one to believe. Its more a question of what will happen to other wise good software companies, if and when things get out of control? And what will follow?
There are more than a few companies in the states which are not held in high reguard, and they dont have
access to my computer either.

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