Windows 7 Security - Paramount importance!

As an IT Consultnat /Tech, computer & internet security is of paramount importance to me.

Without security, a computer (or network of computers) can (& probably will) become infected, and spread infection to others, whether the user knows their machine is affected OR NOT! This is not debatable.

That said...

This is not a debate about which security is 'best'. Nor a debate regarding vunerability oF MACs vs Windows.

It is not a debate about what is, supposed to be, common knowledge. It is just, simply, responding to an apparent need for the following to be repeated.



I wanted to comment on the use of MAC for Macintosh. I would say be carefull with the use of all caps MAC, because that could lead to the thought that you are talking about MAC address, cause it is offten only refered to as only MAC. Not a huge deal, just wanted to point that out.

I would dissagree with throwing out the debate about what is best. I have seen, unconfirmed I will add, talks about the Symantec Antivirus source code being put out on the web. This could lead to helping to write viruses that can bypass the scan engine. Something like that should allways be looked at as a potental threat and taken in to consideration when chooseing a security software. Granted it is older software, but is still in use.

I do agree with you 1024% that, not a single computer should be on the web with out some sort of protection, AV and maleware. That is a very important thing to do when running a computer. My Intro to computers teacher told us one time that, the only computer not at risk is one with only a processor, memory and a rewriteable storage device (ie HHD, SSD, Flash Memory, NVRAM). Though you wont be able to do much without an OS, software, network adapter, keyboard/mouse, so forth and such on. If your computer has more thatn the three basic things needed to be called a computer, then you are at risk. That is a great idea to live by.

On the flip side thought there is such a thing as too much. You never want to put three AV softwares running on the same computer. That could cause a conflict between the three and lead to one trying to protect you from the others.

1st, to clarify,
>> Substitute 'Apples' ;)
>> Had said, was not going to that particular discussion, at this time. And was meant as not exploring what 'brand' A-V was 'preferred' or such subjectively expressed opinions. Was, mearly, @ the moment being limited to stating that a puter on www must have a-v & a-m protection.

2nd, to correct,
As far as "too much"... that is a moot point since... no computer can ever have more than 1 (ONE) A-V installed, period. Anything over one (A-V) is taboo!

Also, while I'm @ it... no machine should ever have more than one (1) software firewall used, either.

There can be more than one malware utility... i.e. Malwarebytes, Windows Defender, SpywareBlaster, Hi-Jack This, Trend Micro Browser Guard, Ad-Aware, Spybot, etc.


PS: Oh, you mean a MAC Address not an IP address for Apple machines? :teeth_smile: (Teehee, sorry, couldn't resist)


PS: Oh, you mean a MAC Address not an IP address for Apple machines? :teeth_smile: (Teehee, sorry, couldn't resist)
*** LMAO

That is another good point. Firewall is another only need one and if you get the right combination of maleware you can be 97.9% protected at all times.

Joe S

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Drew a good firewall is also a must.

Of course, Joe. I did not/would not ever say anything contrary to that. What I had said was never have or use more than one (1) software firewall, @ a time. Sorry if, that was not clear enough. Certainly a computer on the Net MUST have a firewall but, just one! That was my only point.

Useless, of course, if & when the machine is behind a router... that's different; still not more than one software firewall.. I'm you know to what I refer.


Joe S

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Something else I use for additional security is a hosts file. Sure blocks a lot of junk. I know there are mixed feelings on it.

Yea the host file is a great way to block websites. Cause even now the host file is the first thing referenced when looking up a URL. LoL


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Perhaps the very best sentence that puts this issue in it's proper perspective. Couldn't have been said better.

That being said, my main line of defense on my 2 main installs (both Windows 7 Pro x64).
ESET Smart Security 5
Malwarebytes Pro (Lifetime)
SuperAntiSpyware Pro (Lifetime)

I have several other installs where ESET Smart Security is the main protection, using MBAM & SAS (free versions). On my Win 2K/XP 32 bit installs, I'm working on that issue. There is a problem with ESET Smart Security & XP/2000 32 bit versions. For the time being, I have a trial version of ESET NOD32 AV 5 on Win 2000 Pro, and the public beta of ESET Endpoint Security Suite on XP MCE (until the issue with ESET Smart Security with these OS's are worked out). On my XP Pro 64 bit install, ESET Smart Security works fine.

It is not just the user's security at stake, it's the user's neighbors & everyone who crosses paths with the unprotected computer. Back in the early 2000's, my stepson was living with us, and Cablevision (now Time Warner Cable) came out and disconnected the internet service from our residence. Why? Because my stepson was running his PC that costed $1600 at the time, with no AV/IS protection whatsoever. He didn't "think" that he needed protection, and refused to run it because it "slowed his PC down". What happened, was he was a member of a few social networks, his PC became infected, and some of our immediate neighbors PC's became infected. It was traced to his PC by the technicians.

It took a week, finally I was able to get the service restored, on condition that the internet connection was placed in my bedroom, and that I not allow him to use it to connect his PC to it. I agreed with the condition.

A week later, my stepson had the balls to buy a wireless router & USB adapter from WalMart, and actually expected me to install it to the modem. I said F##k NO! A week later, he moved out. It was a month afterwards that I actually found out how bad things were. The neighbors computers were slowed to a crawl, due to some form of malware. Fortunately, no one suffered any financial loss over it.

Take this thread seriously! Security isn't to be taken for granted. The user has to be proactive in securing their computer to the best of their ability, even if it's a free AV. There are a few reliable online scanners that can be ran periodically to make sure that the AV is doing it's job. The ESET Online Scanner is one of those.

ESET :: Get a FREE Online Virus Scan

If you question your AV, whether it's free or paid, this is a reliable one. There was another forum that I was an active member of, and I was pointing out the need to scan regularly, and I was singled out for being paranoid. It's not paranoia to be concerned about your security posture. It was just at the time, I couldn't afford to pay for a solution, and relied on MSE on some, Avast on others, MBAM & SAS on all, as well as the Windows Live Safety Scanner (formerly some OneCare paid package) and I was constantly scanning, because I didn't feel that I had active protection. Finally, I discovered the ESET online scanner listed above, ran it, and seen the need for a paid AV solution.

Many thanks to Drew for taking the time to point out this urgent issue. This is serious stuff.



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