Security Permissions for Second Hard Drive

Ok, I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong, or there is an actual issue here, but any help is appreciated.

I've been using a 250gig HD with Windows XP for several years now. This Christmas I got a new HD and installed Windows 7 on it. I then plugged in the old HD (both SATA) and Windows 7 recognizes it and all it's data. I can even boot from that HD if I choose, and move files from the old HD to the new one (when booted on the old one).

However, while running Windows 7, I cannot access any files from my old HD. I'll usually need to give myself permission to view every sub folder. Once I have given myself permission about 5 times, and I finally get to the audio file I want, I can't play it, nor can I just transfer it to my main HD.

Is there some global permission I can tick on to give me full access to this HD?

there was "take permission" thing i had to use for a similar problem (i am not sure if it was exactly the same thing but i think it was lol) . Well in that method... you add a code to the registry which then adds a "take permission" option in the right click context just click it and it resets and gives you all the permission of that folder and the sub folders within permanently. I had used it to delete some files on my XP drive using windows 7 which i didnt have permission to see, forget about deleting them.

Here's the registry file that does the trick. I've uploaded it for you on Click the link below to download it. - online file sharing and storage - download Permissions.reg

its a reg file. Just run it and you'll have a "Take Ownership" in the menu when you'll right click a file or folder. Don't worry the file is safe. You can see the contents of the file yourself if you are worried.

I am pretty confident that this is what you are looking for.

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