Windows 7 Security Software


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May 22, 2009
This memo is just FYI

If you use Roadrunner as your IP you can download their free security system. Computer Associates provides the software. @ the option menu DO NOT install the anti-spywear portion of the program. It will not recognize
Windows 7.
Pick a different one from the net.
I have used CA for a few years. While using it I didn't have any problems.

If this was posted before today , my apologies.
Security software is really good for computer. There are many types security software available like Anti-Virus, Folder-Lock. Anti-virus is really good for computer because if you have this type of software then your computer have not any type of damage file or data.
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My ISP also offers their own security solution built on CA technology.. The only thing I can say is CA is terrible. Their definitions are at least weeks behind and their products eat more resources than just about any other AV suite... Stick with Microsoft Security Essentials.
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