Windows 7 Security Solutions That Work and One's That Don't


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This guide is for newcomers to Windows 8 with questions regarding the compatibility of different anti-virus programs and versions that do and do not work on Windows 8. This list will be frequently updated to reflect the most current builds of Windows 8. Please contribute any information on other solutions that you have, or to correct mis-information provided here. If you desire, please submit your experience with any security suite that has not yet been covered.


  • Full Working Solution - The suite/program works with no obviously problems or error codes, or a Windows 8 certified version is already available.
  • Partially Working Solution - The suite/program experienced some issues (occasional crashing, failure to initialize realtime services, etc).
  • Non-Functional Solution - "It just didn't work"


AVG Anti-Virus Professional 2013 beta[/COLOR]
Green light - This program works as expected and delivers all methods of protection correctly without issue.

Windows Defender (Microsoft Security Essentials is now integrated in Windows 8
Green light - Flawless protection from Microsoft.

More to come.

Mitchell Anthony,
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8 is reported to be much more secure than 7 straight out of the box. I automatically installed MSSE immediately but is this really necessary?
I did install MSE in my Win 8 Dev Preview in Virtual Box. Probably did not need the AV or AM as I am in a VM but wanted to see if it would install, update and work. It did flawlessly.

edit: After further thought it appears the Windows Defender included with Win 8 has both AV and AM properties that may make other AV/AM apps un-necessary. I recently uninstalled MSE because Windows Defender was doing the job appropriately.
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It would appear that the built in Defender is the equivalent of MSSE so installing other protection is not vital as in the past.
I have been getting sig updates each day for Windows Defender, just as I do with my Win 7 MSE. It does appear that the Win 8 Windows Defender is actually MSE renamed and included by default.
It does appear that the Win 8 Windows Defender is actually MSE renamed and included by default.

I noticed this as well, as the Defender engine is now named "Microsoft AntiMalware Service" in the services context. Perhaps Microsoft will finally throw Windows Defender out the Window. I think it's widely accepted as being JUNK even for an anti spyware program and really, what good is an Anti-spyware program when it's standalone?
Hi guys!
Nice to see so many of you here.
It's also good to see that someone got AVG to work with Windows 8, because I cannot, , , not with either the 32 bit or 64 bit version.
I did see the "Pro" version mentioned. Us po' boys would like to see the FREE version working. In fact, during my attempts, W8 got screwed up and had to do a recovery, which wiped out another program that I'd just installed.
So what other brands of security software are actually working discounting the MS stuff?

The Doctor :pirate:

I did download and try to install the AVG Pro (trial) and it too failed to install.

I also Installed AVG Tune-Up, which did install OK, did the scan and clean function OK,
but on the Optimize Internet Connection, it failed to update the registry with the
optimized Internet settings. Disappointing!

Malware Bytes did install and update and scanned with no obvious problems.

Similarly, Spybot Search & Destroy, installed and ran without incidence.

The Doctor :cool:

I tried to install the FREE version of Avast AV, but I got some kind of Incompatibility Error. Go figure!

I have only tried MSE: defender and Avast. Still investigating the latter. It crashed (irrecoverable) Windows 8. It could be that I selected the "rootkit" option on boot, but I read on Avast's page that it is still pending a stable installation for Windows 8.
Avast, with their mandatory annual registration would never be my first choice. That would be a deal-breaker for most of my old customers.

However (and I probably mentioned this already) Malware Bytes is set up in Pro Mode and running 'Live' and doing fine.

I'm quite sure, that by the time Win-8 shows up in new computers, on the store shelves, we'll have a lot more of a menu of Security Software that we can use. I'm personally waiting to see if AVG will become compatible with Win-8.

I just can't bring myself to trust MS for all my computer Security needs. In 30 years, I've never seen any one program or Suite, that can fully protect one's PC. Norton couldn't do it..... McAfee couldn't do it and I just don't believe that MS can do it either.
As much as I love AVG, and I run the Internet Security version on my own PC, I still use other brands of Anti-Malware software to backup AVG.

But even those running the MS software are in a way hiding their head in the sand. (meaning no disrespect)
You can never know if you're really safe unless you install other software and do scans with that software to see if you're really CLEAN.

I have a PC on my bench right now, that I set up about 28 months ago and installed a pretty good package of Security Software, and even though I stressed that they should have me back to do a cleanup and security update every six months, they just finally called me two days ago to tell me that they had this thing coming up on their screen telling them they were infected with a virus. They were infected with a Trojan/Virus. It had disabled Windows Explorer, so even after I got the Malware off of the PC, the Explorer was not working.
So after copying all their "My Documents" folder and their saved email, I did a Ghost Restore back to when I had finished setting up the PC.

Moral of this story, is to keep all your Security Software as up to date as possible and if it can run a scan, do that at least once a week.

On the above mentioned PC I installed the very latest AVG , Malware Bytes, Spybot Search & Destroy and the brand new Spyware Blaster 4.5.
They have a teenage boy in the house who also uses the family PC, so a little added protection was in order.

On Firefox 8.0.1, I added "AdBlock+" to keep down the ad's, banners and side bars where so many "Fraud" programs live.

Sorry, I really didn't mean for this to run so long. It's just a very complex subject that sometimes requires airing.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
The Doctor :cool:
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What about Eset NOD32 or ESET Smart Security? They both have low overhead and are very effective in every version of Windows since Windows 2000 (not sure if Smart Security works with Win 2K, but NOD32 does).

Have you tried it yet, with Win-8?
None of the local computer shops use it and none of my customers have used it.
No-one I know uses it.

I remove many different AV programs from new customer's PC's and replace them with AVG.
Then I also install Spybot Search & Destroy, according to the Setup instructions posted on my
own web site. That's one program that will never run properly if not set up properly.

Then I run a full scan with both programs and most often find and remove viruses, trojans, Adware, Spyware, etc.

Depending on what AVG and Spybot S&D find on a customer's PC, I might also install and run a scan with
Trojan Hunter. It will find and remove Trojans that other programs are not able to remove.

Happy New Year!

Not sure about AVG Internet Security, it didn't run well on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit (RAM & CPU hog), and I had a mess to clean up behind my mother-in-law's PC (XP Home) for using it for 3 years (the free version). After uninstalling it from her PC, it took 2 sweeps of MSE & one of MBAM to clean it up (all of the garbage that it missed). Being that she didn't want to pay for protection, I left her with MSE, along with the free versions of SAS & MBAM. Plus put a shortcut on her screen for the free ESET Online Scanner.

I'll try ESET NOD32 on a virtual Windows 8 that I have setup on VirtualBox & report back. However, it does run SuperAntiSpyware & MBAM (free) well, 2 of my extra modes of protection. I have the Lifetime Pro versions of both installed on Windows 7. It takes a extra minute to get going at startup, but once everything is updated, it's no problem.

I have doubts about the installed Windows Defender being a total AV for Windows 8, or any version of Windows, as far as that goes. Looks like MSE with a facelift to me.

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Time after time, I find so-called security software on customer's PC's that was installed and then never touched again after that.
The setup was never done properly, to begin with and then the program was never updated or scans run. It's like having a beautiful Corvette sitting in your garage, with an empty gas tank, that you never drive. A total waste!!!!

If you install a program for someone, make sure they know how to run it, update it, etc. Otherwise, it's a waste of your time and their hard drive space. I even give my customers a booklet of instructions, one page for each program that I give them, that requires regular attention.

If you have a friend or family member that is totally Inept at doing updates, running scans, etc,. Instal Team Viewer to run in their PC on boot up, and take the ID and password that it generates, home with you. Then once a week, log in to their PC and do their updates and run all the scans. Share the love!

I was at a guys house yesterday and his 'Spybot S&D' had not been updated since last September. Cheeeech!
But yet, he's a security nut! Go figure!

AVG for instance will not get daily updates and run daily scans unless you go into 'Tools > Advanced > Schedules and set the updater and scanner to run at a time of day that the computer will be on, and on-line. I do that for all my customers.

By the way, AVG, in it's latest version is now compatible with Windows 8. What a relief that is!

Yesterday I got a nice update to it, that expands its Protection.

I don't know how people expect a program to run at its most efficient if it's never set up properly.

Spybot S&D, for instance, is so specific on the setup, that I wrote up a full page of Instructions on how to best set it up, and I put that page on my web site. Just one or two mistakes on the setup, can really cripple the program in its efficiency.
It MUST be manually updated every week, on Wednesday or Thursday. And the "Immunization" needs to be run.
Then I always run a SCAN as well.

Cheers Mates and Happy 2012!

The Doctor :cool:
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Windows Defender alone will not properly defend Windows 8 alone. It's basically a re-branded MSE, which I know has issues, and while may be fine for some users, it won't be for others. Users who make a lot of transactions, such as shopping & banking, are at risk with this program.

Users who are wealthy & manages it online are at great risk in depending upon a free AV/Spyware program.

What I did, and it works quite well, on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, was installed the free (for now) ESET Endpoint Security (Beta). It works just like any other security suite does. It's good until 04/30/2012, so that's 2 months. One can easily save for a real suite within that timeframe. Sign up at for promo codes, & check your email box regularly.

But before purchasing anything, always use the trial version of whatever you wish to use, or are considering, so that money won't be wasted.

EDIT: It's possible, as a beta tester, that a discount will be given when the beta for ESET Endpoint Security runs out. One has nothing to use, grab it while it's free.

ESET Endpoint Security Solutions Beta can be found here:

ESET :: ESET Beta Program :: ESET Endpoint Security Solutions Beta

The key is in the download. Be sure to turn off Windows Defender (the same way as you would on Windows 7), and disable your firewall. So far, so good for me.

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After a week of using the trial version of Avast Internet Security on Win 8 CP, I took the plunge and bought it, 3 PC's, 1 year for $29.99. Not bad at all for the protection that it gives.

Avast is now at version 7, check out it's features.

avast! Internet Security | Antivirus & Anti-spyware with Firewall & Antispam

And you can get it for that price here, using the 4th link, it's the 1st "unpopular" link, but it works. Transaction is done through Digital River. The link worked as of 2 hours ago.

Avast! Coupon Codes - all coupons, discounts and promo codes for

I've disabled Windows Defender & added MBAM free (running in Trial mode) & SAS free. As soon as Newegg runs MBAM on sale again, I'll grab another copy for 8 CP.

BTW, Windows 8 is now my default OS. It's fantastic!

Just thought I'd add another spyware tool as I have been using it and it works quite well with both DP and CP x86 & x64 versions.


One note during or after installation, in the settings, do not check "Register Threatfire in Windows Security Center", if checked, it will auto-disable Windows Defender/MSE

Don't know if anyone has tried this one, I started using it a few days ago and seems to be working quite effectively.

PCTools Antivirus Free, same makers as Threatfire.