Seeking gadgets

Can anyone tell me where to find one of the gadgets that show whether the Caps Lock is on or off, as I don't have an indicator light on my keyboard? Also does anyone know how to make the Windows ClipTray work on Windows 7? I had it working on Vista with a modification and sorely miss it.

For the CAPS Lock problem, you can turn on sounds to let you know that CAPS are on/off.

Go to Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Make the Keyboard easier to use then tick the 'Turn on Toggle Keys' box.

I installed ClipTray 1.61 on 64bit RTM build and it works just fine!

Thanks Gavin. I have now got the audio alert that you suggested. I'd still like to have a visual check and I know there are at least two available if I can find them. I've tried the first 60 pages of the Gadgets list but that is only half way through it!

One of my blogs on Registry Tweaks mentions a reg tweak to turn it off or switch it to Shift ... or remap it to do anything you want. I always set mine to shift so I don't get caught typing in upper case and SHOUTING AT EVERYONE !

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