Seemingly random BSOD while performing everyday desktop tasks (Update)


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Hi folks,

I posts recently here regarding some BSOD's I had been getting for a while to which I got two very helpful replies about updating a list of drivers and was even given links to where to get the most up to date things - Many, many thanks for this.

I think I've updated everything that was suggested in that post but I am still getting BSOD's while performing my everyday desktop tasks. Not full screen applications, nothing at all taxing, nothing graphically intensive - also at seeming random times.

When i've been getting the BSOD's for the last few days i've been writing down the *.sys file names that are mentioned before resetting my machine and I think that cmudaxp.sys and wdf01000.sys have both come up multiple times (not sure if that helps). It's becoming quite irritating now as it tends to be before i've saved things! (as is often typical with computers, hehe)

I've run through the SF Diag Tool again and (hopefully) uploaded a new zip. I would be very grateful if anyone with the awesome knowledge of understnading the strange world that is a BSOD's has the time to take a look over these for me? :)

Again, thanks so much for any help. It's very much appreciated!!



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