Self-registration of DLL fails in Windows 7

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I am facing problem with self-registration of my dll.The dll fails with an error - "The following files did not self-register or unregister ---- Access is Denied". I am the administrator of the machine.I have turned off the UAC. I have registry rights too.The dll has been developed by us and it is working fine in XP.

The installation package has been build using InstallShield_7.01 on a Windows 7 machine.The software has been working fine on Windows XP without any issue for years now but on Windows 7 it is having problem with registration of the dll components.Is it an issue of some protected registry keys of windows 7 on which i might not have permission.If so how to access those registry.
On manually registering the dll using the regsvr32, we are able to register the dll and the software works fine.I want to know how can i correct this error without manually using the regsvr32.Is there any changes we need to have in our installation package to fix this errors? Do i need to have some more rights on my windows 7 machine.

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Thanks for the link. The issue i have mentioned doesn't arise in all windows 7 machine.The registration goes through fine in some of the machines while it doesn't on the client's machine. But i maintain that all the installation was run as administrator and with regedit rights but not very sure about the UAC.Unfortunately i am not able to reproduce the error on my machine with any combination i try even if i install it without specifying "Run as admin" and with UAC turned ON.Any ideas on how to reproduce the error if not how to solve.
Any light on the issue would be really helpful.


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I started off by saying that the resolution can be long and convoluted - it is even more so when the there is no apparent consistency and the problem cannot reliably be reproduced. I'm afraid it comes down to methodical and analytical approaches based on starting points as on the MS page combined with trial and error testing - can be a pain in the butt but all so satisfying when you finally resolve it. Sorry I can't give you more specific help - hope someone who's been there sees your thread.

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