Semi-Random BSODs (ntoskrnl.exe)

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    I have been having a problem. My computer has been rampant with BSODs today. My Computer originally came installed with Vista Home Premium 32 bit, and has had multiple upgrades since, including an upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Since I have installed 7, I have had no problems, except for a few BSODs due to an issue with a faulty RAM module, it was a dual channel 8GB kit, one of them was defective, I have since bought another dual channel 8 GB kit (12 GB), and up until this point I have had no problems. Now, almost every time i boot up my computer, it crashes. When I first started noticing problems, a couple of games i had been playing (Minecraft & Far Cry 3) would crash to the desktop every time I played them, with varying amounts of time put into each session; they wouldn't crash at any specific point or time in each session. Then the problems began to escalate. Other random programs would start to crash, the 2 main programs I had problems with are Skype and Firefox. Then, I eventually began to Bluescreen. Whenever I tried to open Firefox, it would immediately bring up a crash report, like it had crashed. And once i reached 3~4 retries, my computer would crash. Now, if I sit at the desktop long enough (about a minute) I will Bluescreen. Now, I have done some research, and I think I have narrowed it down to the ntoskrnl.exe file, Something to do with memory, I believe. I don't think it is the new RAM kit I installed, because, albeit, it is a different manufacturer from my old modules (one of which I still use), this new kit has the same speed, 1600 MHz. I have updated my Graphics card and my chipset, boot with "Last known good configuration", and have reseated my RAM, and nothing has changed. What do I do now? Thanks in advance for any help. :thumbs_up:

    My specs (Compaq Presario SR5450f):
    • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Service Pack 1
    • Motherboard: Asus M5A88-M
    • CPU: AMD FX-4100 Quad Core Black Edition @3.6GHz
    • Graphics: Nvidia Galaxy GT240 512MB GDDR5
    • RAM: 12GB (2x 8GB + 1x 4GB)
    • HDD: Westgate 500GB HDD @7200RPM

    On a side note, I used Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, along with chkdsk, and both came up with no errors. The only change that I would associate with this problem is that I saw Comodo System Utilities updating before all of this had happened, and I have since uninstalled it due to suspicion. I also had Norton and avast! installed, and have since uninstalled Norton. I am typing this in safemode with networking enabled, where I have only seen one BSOD, and I believe that crash was due to Firefox crashing again. Other than Firefox, safemode seems pretty stable.

    **UPDATE**: I believe my mismatched RAM was the issue. I removed the module from my previous kit and have left my new kit, and I currently see no problems.

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