Windows 7 Semi Succesful Dual Boot with OSX 10.4 WITHOUT BOOTCAMP

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So, my little brother got tired of his inferior machine and gave it to me. After upgrading the HDD to a 320GB 5400 RPM WD Scorpio Blue, i also gave it a total of 2GB DDR RAM, and decided i liked Windows 7 so much, i wanted to dual boot, so that i may keep OSX (for clients) and still work this is gorgeous new OS. after realizing i didn't have the money for Leopard to try out a proper version of Bootcamp, i used a user guide to format my HDD for GUID use on the Intel chipped Macbook, with a minor tweak to include a partition formatted (FAT32) for a Windows OS.

Long story short, it worked. Sorta. I was able to partition 75GB for OSX and the rest left for 7 since i dont really use Mac anything for anything. when i booted up 7 for the first time, all updates were installed, along with almost all the drivers....

The missing driver is the HD Audio driver, the screen saver wont start without my activating it, and when i close the lid, it basically shuts down. Other than that, the wireless networking, file sharing, printer sharing, media sharing, and GUI all work fine. i've been able to perform over-the-network installs of software, and use the DVDROM with no problems.

Again my only complaint is the error code 10 in the driver menu for the audio driver (i've downloaded old/new drivers, rolled back, uninstalled, reinstalled, the whole nine) and the whole lid closing situation. questions comments?